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Extraordinary Cancer Care Fund

What is the Extraordinary Cancer Care Fund?

Many people when diagnosed with cancer, find that they lack the financial resources to fully cover their care and the expenses that accompany receiving and managing that care. The Extraordinary Cancer Care Fund was created to help the many people being treated for cancer in Lackawanna County who lack the resources associated with cancer.

Patients receiving oncology care, including medical surgery and radiotherapy care in Lackawanna county are eligible to apply to the fund for support. Expenses to be considered include:

  • Insurance deductions/copays

  • Transportation costs incurred to treatment sites

  • Childcare as it relates to treatment

  • Basic physical needs (food, shelter, clothing)

Application Process

Individuals who meet the eligibility requirements are encouraged to complete an application. Requirements for the application include:

  • Documented cancer diagnosis

  • Statement of treatment submitted by treating physician

  • Proof of income

  • 1040 tax form for calendar year

  • Proof of current wages

  • Proof of address

  • Submission of current asset value

Expenses, which fund awards are to cover, must be submitted. Acceptable documentation includes:

  • Medical bills or receipts

  • Transportation receipts or mileage reimbursement, based on current federal guidelines

  • Basic physical needs expenses will need to be supported by bills or receipts

  • Childcare costs need to be supported by bills and receipts

  • If bills are initially submitted in lieu of receipts, evidence of use of awarded fund will need to be submitted prior to any further fund disbursements.

To apply for assistance from the Extraordinary Cancer Care Fund, download an application here.

Fax the completed application form and supporting documents to:

Hematology & Oncology Associates of NEPA

For further information, please call 570.342.3675 ext: 451

A completed application does not guarantee approval.

Interested in donating?

If you are interested in providing assistance to cancer patients undergoing treatment in Lackawanna county by donating to the Extraordinary Cancer Care Fund, please mail your tax deductible donation to the address below or visit the Scranton Area Foundation website and submit an online donation.


By mail:

Please mail your donation to:

Scranton Area Foundation

c/o Extraordinary Cancer Care Fund

615 Jefferson Ave #102

Scranton, PA 18510

Please remember to include the fund name in the memo of the check so the donation is deposited to the correct foundation.


Please visit the online donation page here. To donate, select "Restricted Fund" from the drop down box and then type "Extraordinary Cancer Care Fund" into the comments box.

All donations are tax deductible.

TAX ID #: 23-2890364

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