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Hematology and Oncology Associates of NEPA's on-site lab is a fully automated laboratory. It plays a crucial role in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of many Hematological and cancer diagnoses. Lab tests are performed on patients in connection with their chemotherapy and/or medication therapies.

Our lab performs many of the tests ordered in house to allow for immediate decisions on treatment at the time of your visit. We also perform Protime fingerstick tests for immediate management of Coumadin dosing. As a courtesy, our patients can bring in a script from another doctor so that it can be drawn at the same time during their scheduled office visit. Please be sure to let the phlebotomist know before your blood is drawn.

Once your blood is drawn by our phlebotomists, medical technologists will perform onsite testing using state of the art instrumentation to enable your physician to prescribe the appropriate treatment and/or preventative measures. This will ensure the best therapy for you. Results are typically available while the patient is visiting the physician.

The laboratory follows CLIA regulations and is fully certified every two years by the PA Department of Health. Our experienced technologists and phlebotomists are certified by their respective governing boards.

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